The world we live in

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Monroe is the BADDEST. 2x17

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Bucky was always there for Steve. He taught him to fight, looked out for him, set him up on dates… and in ‘38 when Steve’s mom died, Bucky Barnes was always there to pick up the pieces. Now it’s 2014– and when Bucky comes home, shell-shocked and broken, Steve finally has a chance to return the favour. (A sort of continuation/explanation of this! )

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jesus what the fuck

this was my favorite bible story growing up

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His username is Bucky. His password is also Bucky.
— Natasha Romanov, on Steve Rogers in the 21st century. (via hellotailor)

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Fiction is more than a story.

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Amazing tattoo designs by Tim Shumate. (: 

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Ginnifer Goodwin on Jimmy Kimmel Live

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Me when someone mentions Sebastian Stan in public

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